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We are proud to announce that we have managed to secure a group buy of 1000 x Huawei F100 VU9P development boards for the community and our private clients.These have the same Xilinx FPGA chips as the VCU/BCU1525 and are expertly manufactured by one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the World - Huawei. We have sold 270 (as of 10th September) to private clients and the rest are now available to the community.

FPGA boards have been used in secret to give some miners an advantage over others using other general purpose hardware such as GPU's. Thanks to a movement initially started by Whitefire, (See bitcoin talk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3459858.0) the hardware hidden and used via AWS instances by many, is now available to the community. The community now has several developers working on different bitstreams and mining programs, to ensure that the 'average Joe' can now compete.

In the past, FPGA boards could only be purchased if you own a business and are only available if you make large purchases. Through group buys like this one, we aim to make these boards not only accessible, but also at a much cheaper cost. Through our group buy, and others, we aim to create a decentralized marketplace to even out the playing field. Please note that we do not profit from this first group buy and we only aim to cover our costs so that we can continually build further relationships with manufacturers to ensure that future technology is available freely. Mining is our proprietary business, and we hope that together we can create a truly decentralized landscape open to everyone.

We are currently working on 2 further boards including a smaller FPGA that will offer a great entry level board to those with smaller budgets, and also a powerful FPGA accelerator for GPU's, so watch this space!

We do have a select few developer boards available for those with the ability to develop bitstreams. We have already spoken to some well known developers and agreed to send them boards, but we still have a couple remaining. Please get in touch if you would like to help the community and we can get a board sent to you ASAP. 


1. VAT:

VAT is included in the price shown. If you live outside of the EU, please contact us so that we can send a customized link without VAT. If you are a business within the EU and can supply your registered business address and VAT number then we can also sell these to you without 20% VAT. Please e-mail us with your requirements. Full VAT invoices are available.


The warranty period is 12 months, including water blocks if installed by us. You can purchase an additional 12 months warranty in the accessories section. You must pay the postal charges to send the board back if it is faulty within the warranty period. Normal exclusions apply, such as; heat damage, moisture damage, dropping or any other accidental damage.


We accept payment via debit/credit card, bank/wire transfer or crypto currency. Please note that larger orders may be declined by credit card. If you wish to utilise credit card protection then we can send an invoice for a small percentage of the total cost and the rest can be paid via another method. This still provides cover for the full amount under European legislation.


We offer our tech guru support service as usual. There is also lots of support available by the community.


We can install these anywhere in the UK. There is a small charge for small orders or free for larger orders. Please contact us.


Delivery is estimated at between 6-8 weeks.


Postage and packaging costs will be automatically calculated

Huawei F100 Plug & Play Rig

From £17,160.00 - £34,320.00

Huawei F100 with Water Block


Huawei F100 with mods


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