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Huawei F100 with mods

Huawei F100 with mods



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Mods will include a minimum of lowered core voltage & upgraded thermal paste. We are also looking at other mods at no extra charge.

Includes 4*16gb RAM = 64gb RAM EEC 2133Mhz

This price includes VAT, for prices excluding VAT please get in touch.

Estimated hash rates*:

Monero CNV1: 15-20 Kh/s

Lyra2Z: 35-45 Mh/s

0XBTC: 10-13 Gh/s

Tribus: 2 Gh/s

Skein: 10-15 Gh/s

Neoscrypt: 20-25 Mh/s

Many other algorithms are being developed that are much more profitable but cannot be announced due to competition and potential forking.

Warranty: 12 months return to base

 *These are examples only, as we expect many other bitstreams to be released by the time these are delivered.


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